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How to download?

1. Click on the game of your choice

2. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the game on your handset

3. Once a game is downloaded, install it in your “games” menu on your device.

4. If you failed to download some games, please go to “My account” -> “My Downloads” to re-download the games. The re-download option is only valid within 24 hours after you first downloaded the game.



Error messages?

1.     First check your INTERNET SETTINGS in your handset for WAP access

2.     Then check your GPRS or 3G settings and make sure your phone is enabled.

3.     If you open your handset browser, GO TO your network operators site

4.     If you need help to set-up your correct SETTINGS, please contact your mobile network services customer care department or go into a nearby shop


How to unsubscribe?

Click “unsubscribe” on the Site in section “My Account” or SEND “Stop AG” to shortcode 26700.



If you have questions regarding the Content or Service provided by 8elements, please contact support.malaysia@8elements.net